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10 Fingers

10 Funny Signs

10 Husbands, Still a Virgin

10 Men Only Housekeeping Rules

10 Rules For Men To Follow For A Happy Life

100 Dollar Question

100 Kisses

16 Years

17 of the Best !

17 Rules about Computers

18 Funny eBay Feedbacks

20 Rules of Life Updated

20 Shots of Scotch

2012 - World Cannot End Because

21 St Century...

21st Century Parents Award Scheme


23rd Psalm

25 Reasons Selling is Better Than Sex

5 Steps to Survive a Boring Meeting

8 Months Pregnant

9 Ways To Apologize from Around the World


A Band to Blow You Away

A Beautiful Message About Growing Old

A Big Boy Like You Shouldn’t Be Crying

A Big-city Lawyer...

A Birthday Present for My Son

A Birthday Reminder

A Birthday Wish for My Son

A bit of Olympics History

A Bit of Physics Humour

A Blond Father

A Blonde Groaner

A Blonde Was Summoned to Court To...

A Blonde's Last Word.

A Boob Poem

A Bottomless Pit

A Bowl of Chili

A Brand New Small Car for Women

 A B

A Brazillian Wax Job - Ouch

A Bride's First Night Confession

A Bunch of Guys Were Working

A Burger with Cheese Please

A Butcher and the Dog

A Cardiologist's Funeral

A Cat Named Jesus?

A Cat Named Lucky

A Cat Scan

A Christmas Gift

A Cigarette Shortens your Life By...

A Circus Magician

A Computer Instructor's Observation

A Convicted Felon....

A Couples First Night

A Cow, an Ant and an Old Fart

A Cowboy and the Indians

 A C

A Cowboy Buys Condoms

A cure for insomnia

A Daughter's Letter from her College to her…

A Day at Golf with Dave and Fred

A Definition of Globalization...

A Desert Love Story

A Difficult Golf Putt

A Dinner Conversation that Went Wrong

A Dinner Date with the Girl of his Dreams

A Discussion on the Hereafter

A Doctor in Texas

A Doggie Tail - Another Groaner

A Dogs Dilemma

A Duck Hunter Gets Shot

A Duck Hunter’s Early Start

A Duke Was Hunting in the Forest

A Fairy Was asked to Grant a Wish But...

 A F

A Farang Came out of a Toilet...

A Farmer Buys a Condom

A Farmer Was Selling his Peaches Door to Door.

A Father Explains the Facts of Life

A Fathers Advice to his Son

A Few Answers to Commonly asked Pregnancy…

A Few Short Jokes

A Flat-chested Young Lady Went To Dr Smith

A Fricken Elephant

A Friend’s Empathy

A German Tourist Walks Into a Mcdonalds

A Gift for the Husband who liked Golf

A glass of water for Little Johnny

A Goaner About Penny the Saleslady

A Good Alternative Investment

A Good Reason to Drink and Not Drive

A Gorilla Chimp and a Monkey Under a Cocunut-tree

 A G

A Grandmother's Letter to her Grandson

A Granny Goes a Visiting

A Greek and an Italian Were Drinking Coffee...

A Guaranteed Quick Get Rich Scheme

A Guy from Kansas Dies

A Guy Met this Girl in a Bar and Asked...

A Guy Offers to Buy a Drink

A Guy Was Playing Golf One Day

A Gynecologist’s Hand After Thirty Years Service

A Heart Rending Story and a Compassionate…

A Hermaphrodite

A Horny Old Geezer

A Jack Daniels Fishing Story

A Jelly Baby Walks into a Bar and Starts Talking…

A Jewish God

A John Cleese Message to All Usa Citizens

A Joke from South Africa

 A K

A Kiwi Who Got his Priorities Right

A Lady of the Night Goes to a New Trick-cyclist

A Lady was being examined by her Doctor

A land you will never forget

A Lesson to Be Learnt from an Ant

A Letter Home from Scout Camp...

A Letter to God

A Letter to My Loving Husband

A Linguistic Professor in A Lecturer About…

A Lion Was Getting Married...

A Little Boy's Prayers

A Little Girl Asks Where Does Poo Come From?

A Little Girl Was out with her Grandmother...

A Little Old Lady in Court

A Little Old Lady is Walking...

A Little Old Lady with a Farting Problem

A Little Old Lady with Failing Eyesight

 A L

A Little Problem with Accents

A Little Tribute to a Man Who Made a Difference:…

A Load of Blarney About the Irish Blarney…

A Lonely Guy...

A Long, Long Time Ago

A look Back at 2012

A Lot of Weight and Super Heavy

A love story like this almost brings tears…

A Love Story..

A Lucky Las Vegas Gambler.

A Man and a Woman Were Having Drinks,,,

A Man Goes to his Doctors...

A Man Goes to the Doctor and Says ‘doc;…

A Man Goes to the Doctors...

A Man is Driving Down the Road and Breaks…

A Man Moves into a Nudist Colony.

A Man Walks into a Bar

 A M

A Man Walks into a Bar And...

A Man Walks into a Public Toilet...

A Man Was Called in for an Audit by Revenue…

A Man Went into the Proctologist's Office…

A Man Went to the Doctor...

A Man Went to the Police Station

A Man Went to Visit

A Man with a Dog Walks into a Bar

A Man's Car Broke Down One Night in the Desert...

A Married Couple in Their Early 60s

A Married Man Went off for the Weekend with…

A Mbb Aeronautic Development Engineer Told…

A Message from God to the Atheist Professor

A Message from your Prime Minister

A Mexican Woodpecker and a Canadian Woodpecker...

A Minister, Priest and a Rabbi Were Skinny…

A Modest Essay

 A M

A Mother and her Young Inquisitive Son Were…

A Mother Buys a Present for her Son

A Mother's Advice To Her Son on His first…

A must to try in the park

A Natural Process

A Near Miss for the Pedestrian

A Neat Piece of Trivia.

A New Cure for Worms

A New Ending for an Old Fairy Tale.

A New Kind of Car

A New Phenomenom Called Emooning

A New Sin

A New Tax to Balance the Budget?

A New Twist to a Current Situation

A New Way to Beat Alcohol Limit Issues While…

A News Reporter on an Assignment Met Up With...

A Nice Daddy

 A N

A Night out for Dave and his Wife

A Night With The Girls

A Novel Way to Exercise your Pet

A Pantyhose Riddle

A Penny for your Thoughts

A Pensioner's Life

A Perfect Day

A Pilot's Story

A Pom at Australian Customs

A Post Office Worker

A Prayer for the Stressed

A Present for the Wife

A Princess is Walking Along...

A Professon Lectures on the Evils of Marijuana

A Professor of Mathematics Sent a Fax to his…

A Rabbit Walks into a Bar...

A Randy Wife's Request to her Husband

 A R

A Real Groaner

A Retired Italian Wine Make Confession

A Rich Young Man Meets Young, Beautiful Girl

A Riddle

A Rough Night

A Sadist meets a Masochist

A Scottish Colonel and the Condom

A Scottish Minister

A Sign of True Love and Affection

A Sign that You Are Getting Old

A slight misunderstanding

A Special 25th Wedding Anniversary Present

A Talent Scout

A Talking Parrot

A Talking Parrot on an Aeroplane

A Teacher’s Quandary

A Telephone Conversation

 A T

A Test for the Chef

A Texan's Answer to Welfare

A Thailand Love Story

A Thong for Pensioners

A Time to Think Outside the Box

A Time when Grammar is Really Important

A Timeless Lesson on How Consultants can Make…

A Tip for Your Caddy?

A Tip from a Geordie

A Touching Love Story

A Tragedy Avoided

A Tribute to a Master

A Trouble Shared

A Truly 'touching' Story

A Truly Amazing and Heroic Story

A Truly Inspirational Tale Of Kindness

A Two Fingered iPhone Case

 A V

A Very Fishy Groaner to Beat Them All

A Very Good Vitamin C Source

A Very Merry Christmas Groaner

A Very Short Story

A Viagra Advert that Should Get First Prize

A Vicar Books into a Motel

A Visit To The Irs - Internal Revenue Service?

A Welsh Love Story

A Wife's Lover Who Was Caught Naked by her…

A Wise Old Man

A Woman Goes Shopping in Big W

A Woman Goes to the Doctor...

A Woman Meets a Handsomely Gorgeous Man in…

A Woman Scorned...

A Woman Walks into a Bar

A Woman Was Driving into a Small Town

A Woman Was out Golfing One Day when She Hit…

 A W

A Woman Writes to the It Technical Support…

A Yank, Jap and a Racist Die

A Young Boy, About Eight...

A Young Clergyman

Abe and Esther are Stranded on a Desert Island


Absolutely Hilarious Computer Quotes

Abstain from Sex

Accident Report

Actual Call Centre Conversations

Actual Employee Evaluations

Adam and Eve

Adam Got Caught Speeding Yesterday.

Adam Was Created First...

Admit It - this Would Scare the ...

Advantages of Being Colour Blind

Adventures in Punctuation


Advertisement for Durex

Advice from a Father to his Soon to Be Married…

Advice from a Sex Therapist

Advice from Doctor vs Internet

Advice to Teenagers

Advise to a Son about to join the Marines

Aeroplane Crash

After a Fight with the Wife

After a Long Night of Making Love...

After a Night Out on The Town

After a Visit to a Massage Parlour

After Shopping at the Local Super Market

After the Baby Was Born

After the Enlightenment

After the First Blind Date

After the Honey

After the Honeymoon


After the Nympho Leaves

After the Oilfield Blowout

After the Operation

After the Party

After the Sermon

Air Traffic Controllers

Airport Security Check

Airshow Disaster

Airspace Violation Protocol

Albert Einstein profound logic - 001

Alcohol does not make you fat

Alcohol is just water

Alcohol is not the answer

Alice Smiths’s First Dental Appointment

All Clean Jokes from Fabulous Jewish Comedians

All Done

All I Know About Computers I Learned From…


All I Need to Know About Life I Learned

All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From…

All I want for Christmas

All Three Were Wrong

All Torn-up

Alternative Solution to Airport Full-body…

Always Check

Always Check the Label

Always Check your Child's Homework

Always Practise Safe Sex

Always the Lawyer..

Am I Hurting You?

Amazing Computer Geek

American Movie Rating System Explained

Amish and Elevator

Amusing Toilet Signs

An 80 Year Old Man


An Act of Charity

An Actual Craig's List Peronals Ad

An Adolescent Observation

An Arab Student Sends Email to his Dad

An Archeological Teams’s Recent Discovery…

An Aussie Pickup Line

An Aussie Went into an Empty Bar...

An Australian Genie!

An Australian Soldier’s Wife Confesses

An Economist Was Leaving His Office Building

An Effective Diet

An Eggplant

An Elderly Couple Were Celebrating Their Sixtieth…

An Elderly Spinster a Dog in Heat and the…

An Engineer, a Psychologist, and a Theologian

An English Summer

An English Tourist in Cardigan, Wales


An Evolution of Bank Holdups

An Excited Little Johnny Returns from the…

An Iphone that Does Not Need Batteries

An Irish Widow Confesses

An Irishman and his Leprechaun

An Irishman at the Pearly Gates

An Irishman's First Drink with his Son

An Irishman's Life Philosophy

An Ironic Porcupine Fable

An Offer Too Good to Refuse?

An Old Golfer's Problem

An Old Man Had a Surprise

An Old Owl....

An out of Work Salesman Spent Months Planning

Anagrams and Scrabble Solutions

Ancient Vegetarian Etymology

And He Said...


Anger Control

Anger Management, I Do Feel Better!!!

Angry Birds vs Singing Birds

Angry Motorist

Angry Mum goes shopping

Angus Broon of Glasgow...

Animal Conscription

Annual Meeting of Women Drivers

Another Confession

Another Crude One About a Fat Lady and her…

Another Duck Hunter

Another Female Unsolved Mystery

Another from Technical Support

Another Miracle: Water to Wine

Another name for breakfast

Another One for the Brits - an A-z of Essex…

Another one for the Brits'


Another One for the Golfers

Another One for the Nerds

Another Pint of Heavy for Hughie from Glasgow

Another Problem Caused by Deforestation

Another Sign of Our Times

Another Speeding Motorist Is Caught

Another Surgeon

Another Undertaker

Another Welcome Home

Any Objection To...?

Apparently She Knows You

Arab Pilot Foils Jewish Interrogators

Are You a Believer in God and Jesus?

Are You a Party Animal?

Are You an American?

Are You Included in the Following One Hundred?

Are You Prepared for this Winter


Are you scared of the dark?

Are You Too Young to Have Noticed These Changes

Are Your Friends Like Knickers

Arguing on the Internet

Arguing on the Internet ver: 002

Army Induction Center Physicals

Arnie and Tiger

Arnold and his Wife Were Cleaning out the…

Art Critic

As I Mature

At Any Given Moment:

At First I am Shy and Then

At The Club

At the Florist

At the Urologist's

At&t Reception and Another Satisfied Customer

Aussie Housewife Slipped in the Bathroom


Aussie Humour

Aussie Logic

Australian Letter of the Year

Aviation Testing the Strength of an Airplane…

Awesome Sports Quotes

Awkward moment of the day


B & Q Job Application

Back at School and the Joys of Education

Back in the Good Old Days when Rawpower

Back to School

Bad Day For The Undertaker

Bad Memory

Bad Timing

Bad Words

Bag Lady on the Bus

Ballmer Peak

Bank Robber

Banned forever for answering telephone


Bathroom Height Measurement


Be Careful in English Pubs

Be Careful When Making a Wish


Be Careful with Superglue

Be Happy

Be Prepared

Be Prepared for this Interview Question

Be thankful, very thankful

Beach Surfer

Bear Facts

Beatles and their Beer Drinkers Song

Beautiful Girl

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of Beer Holder

Bed Time Story

Bedtime Negotiations went Better than Expected

Beer Cannon Montage

Beer Glasses

Beer in the Eyes of Babes

Beer is the Answer

Beer Quotations


Beer- the Cure for Everything

Before and After Marriage

Being Totally Honest:

Believe It or Not , These Are Real 911 Calls!

Benny the Motorcyclist

Best Advice for Today

Best and Last

Best Android Feature to Beat Iphone

Best Breakfast for Lawyers

Best Comeback Line Ever?

Best computer seating position

Best Feelgood of All Time...

Best Gym Advert Ever

Best gym advert of all time?

Best Joke from a British Competition

Best Mate

Best Menopause Question Ever


Best Mother-in-law Joke

Best Number Plate Ever?

Best Pub Notice Board Ever

Best Tattoo in the World

Best Troll Line Ever

Best Venn Diagram Ever

Best way to start your presentation

Best way to think outside the box

Bet You Cannot Say These Colors

Better than Robbing a Bank

Beware - Contains Colorful Words

Beware - Crude but Funny

Beware of Bloody Cloud Computing

BEWARE of Google Maps

Beware of Predictive Text

Beware of the Dog

Beware of the Social Network Evolution


Beware Sign of Our Times

Beware Tech Support Do Not put You on Hold

Beware when You Come Home!

Beware, Will Offend Most People

Bicycle Organ Donors


Big Concern

Big Game Warning from Mozambique

Big Mac Index

Big Strong Man Wanted

Biggest Difference Between Music and Porn

Biggest Lies and Porky Pies

Bike Lock Fails

Biker Chick - Living the Dream

Biker with a Broken Zip

Bikes can do some amazing stuff

Bikini vs Underwear


Bill and Sam the Long Term Buddies

Bill Clinton At The Pearly Gates, Don't Hold…

Bill Cosby Quotes

Bill Gates Vs. General Motors (gm)

Bill Just Bought Azerbaijan

Billy Connolly Quotations

Billy Connolly's 14 Things I Hate About Everybody

Billy Connolly's Chain Letter

Billy Connolly's Desiderata........ Excerpt…

Bingo Walker Duel

Birthday Gifts for Mom from her Three Sons

Birthday Wishes

Black Woman with One White Boob and One Black…

Blessed Are the Young for They Shall Inherit…


Blonde at Work and Wanted a Few Days off Work

Blonde caught speeding again


Blonde Completing her Passport Application

Blonde Jokes, Questions and Answers

Blonde Phonecall

Blue Balls

Blue Bird of Happiness

Blue Screen of Death

Bob Hill and his Wife Betty Are Vacationing…

Bobbitt Family Update

Body Language

Boneless Chicken only 35 cents

Boob Job for a Man

Books Read by Teenagers

Boys vs Girls Room

Bra Sizes Explained

Bran Muffins

Breakfast Alternative

Breakfast Joke


Breaking News: Man Killed on Golf Course

Breaking News: Presidential Ticket Announcement

Breast Feeding - It Rocks

Breast Feeding on a Bus

Breasts or Legs

Brilliant Idea for Ebay

British One Liners

British Weather

Broken Fence in Dc

Broken Leg

Brotherly Love on the Golf Course

Browser Comparison with Different Modes of…

Bubba knows the Front of a Tree

Budda Profound Logic - 003

Budda Profund Logic - 001

Bulletin Board Addiction

Bulletin Board Ideas


Bumper Stickers

Burglar Deterrent

Buying My First Condoms

By Gum! By Gum!


C+++ Creator, Bjarne Stroustrup Gave an Interview…

Cairo Joke of the Day!

Call to Prayer

Calling in Sick

Calm Down

Calm Down Bro’

Can I See Your License Please?

Can this Marriage Be Saved?

Can You Answer this Question

Can You Beat this Kid's Logic

Can You Identify the Facial Expressions of…

Can You Picture a Slice of Pizza in the Stomach

Can You Read this !!??

Can you remember these signs?

Can You Remember when You Were Young

Can You Spot this Interesting Observation?

Can You Wait Three Months


Can't Miss Pick-up Lines

Canadian National Lottery - True Story

Cannot swipe like an iPhone

Captain Rudolf Larrson

Captain's Announcement

Captains Log

Caption Contest

Car Accident

Cartoons of Life

Case Closed

Cat and Mouse

Catholic Parrots

Cats Like to Snuggle in Warm Places

Caught in the Act

Ceiling Mural in Smoker's Lounge

Cell Mates

Chance Meeting at the Supermarket


Change of Name

Changing Times


Charles Atlas

Charles Noticed the Mother and Child in the…

Charles Playing Golf

Chasing Chicks

Chasing pussy - update

Chat Up Line

Chat up line in a bar

Chat Up Line Overheard in a Bar

Chatting Up on the Beach

Chatup Line

Cheap Electric Toothbrush

Cheap Skate Buying Perfume for his Wife

Cheating Patient

Check your Stress Factor Here


Cheers to the Footballers when They Score

Cheesy Instrument

Cheesy Jokes

Cheesy Valentine’s Day Jokes

Chemistry Action Results

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream

Chick Magnet

Chicken Surprise

Childbirth for the Elderly

Children Thinking Outside the Box

Children's Science Exam Answers.

Chilling Like a Boss

Chilling Out When Cooking

Chinese Torture

Chocolate Warning and a Chocolate Wish


Christmas Decorations


Christmas Eve We can Stay at Home

Christmas Fungi Celebratation

Christmas Quickies

Christmas Time is for Sharing

Christopher Columbus's First Words

Chubby Brown Quotes and Quotations from Roy

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris has a Daughter

Chuck Norris Update 001

Cinderella Was Now 95 Years Old.

City Boy

Clean Underwear

Cleaning Poem

Coffee helps you do stupid things faster

Coffee is for Quitters

Colonoscopies Are No Joke

Colour Test - How Many Times Before You can…


Comatose Grandma Sitter

Comforting the Grammar Police

Coming out of the Closet

Coming to an Airport Near You

Complaints from Animals

Compliments that Get Surprising Results

Computer Dependency Test

Computer Diagnosis from a Urine Sample

Computer Help Desk Support Calls Revisited

Computer Message - Fatal Error

Computer Password Issues

Computer Printer Repair

Computer Programming Facts, Humour and Subtle…

Computer Quotes

Computer Terminology

Computer Users

Computers & Internet - General - Get The…


Conans Advice to Mubarak

Condom Packaging

Condoms: Interesting Piece of History.

Confession from a Ups Delivery Man


Confucious Says

Confucius Says...

Confuscious Rule on Single and Hot Women

Confused Scots Man at the Loo

Congratulations - You Have Won

Congratulations To All The Kids Who Were Born…

Consider Yourself Warned.

Consultants in the Restaurant

Cool Biker Chick

Corny Jokes About Farmers

Corporate Lessons

Corporate Wisdom from Will Rogers


Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery - the Boob Job

Cosmetic Surgery - The Full Works

Cosmetic Surgery in the Most Intimate of Places

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery

Could You Pass this Alcohol Influence Test

Council Job Application

Countdown to Losing Your Teeth

Country Funeral . . .

Couple on Their First Date

Courtesy of the Big Yin - Billy Connolly for…

Cowboy from Brokeback Mountain

Cowboy in a Gay Bar

Cowboy in Texas

Cowboy Logic

Cowboys, Indians and Muslims!



Crap Joke Central

Crap Joke Central - 002

Crap Joke Central - 003

Crap Joke Central - Update 2013-04-21

Crazy American Footwear

Crazy Wife?

Creation Explained Like Never Before

Creation of God's Country

Creative Answering Machine Messages

Creative Aussie Airline Advertising at its…

Crocodile Tears

Cross Examination by a Defense Attorney

Cruise Ship

CSS is Awesome

Cucumber marketing gaffe?

Culling the Coyotes

Cure for Swine Flu Fever


Current British Humour

Curtain Rods.... a Happy Ending

Curvy Women vs Bones

Customs Declarations


Daddy, How Did I Come into this World?

Damaging Food

Darling Have You Ever Cheated on Me?

Darling when We Make Love Do You...

Darwin Awards

Dating in the 60s

Dave’s Mother-in-law Problem

David Beckam Horse Riding

David is to Be Returned to Italy

Days Before Christmas

Dead Penguins

Deadly Habits

Dear Abby Letters

Dear Diary,

Dear Mr President Obama

Dear Yahoo

Decisions, all the time decisions


Deer Hunter and his Blonde Wife

Deer Hunting

Definition - Yorkshire Twerk

Definition of a Slut

Definitions Conflict

Delete Cookies

Delicate Corporate Matter

Demographic Forecast of Europe 2015

Deodrant Stick Instructions


Devil's Problem

Devolution of British Maths Teaching

Dharma Doggy Meditation


Did I Offend You with My Opinion?

Did I Do that and a Letter from the Boss

Did James Bond known this?


Did this Gorgeous Girl Knock on your Door?

Did this Happen After your Wedding...

Did You Enjoy the Sex?

Did You Give Permission to NSA

Did You Hear About Ol' Blue

Did You Know

Did you know that claustrophobia is the fear…

Did You Know the Devil Actually Wears a Wig…

Did you Learn from Fairy Tales

Did You Miss Happy Porn Day?

Did You See Santa in the Nude?

Difference Between the Sexes

Different Nations Corporations

Different Thermometers

Difficult choices

Dilbert Quotes from Company Managers

Dirty Fork


Dirty joke of the day

Discrimination Against Batchelors

Distasteful Jokes to Pass Some Time......

Distressed Widow from Scotland

Disturbing Photos - Soldiers Vs. Protestors…

Divorce - USA vs Middle East

Do All Teenagers Telephone Like this

Do Crappie?

Do Girls Make You Do this

Do Not Touch

Do You Agree that the World is in Chaos?

Do you believe thousands of men will die

Do You Do This When Word Spelling is Forgotten

Do You Ever Want to Grab Someone and

Do You Have a Deck Chair?

Do You Have a Problem in your Life

Do You Have Any Last Words


Do You Know How to Park

Do You Know Tanjooberrymutts

Do You Know the Blink Method of Pricing?

Do You Know what a Bucket Seat Is?

Do You Know What Others Thnk about You

Do You Know Why All Girls Are Like Apples?

Do You Know Why All the Dinosaurs Died

Do you know why women will never be as successful…

Do You Know your Brain Size

Do You Like My Horoscope for Today?

Do You Realize that the Only Time in Our Lives…

Do You Think this Guy is

Do you think this voicemail message will work?

Doberman Dies

Doctor in Newfoundland

Doctor’s Second Opinion

Doctor's Opinion


Doctor's Orders

Doctor's Prescription


Doe Re Mi Beer, by Homer J. Simpson.

Does Any of this Sound Somewhat Familiar?

Does It Scare You Because You can Pay off…

Doesn't He Look Happy

Dog For Sale: Or Free to Good Home.

Dog Inspection on Parade

Dog's Letters to God

Doggie Style

Dogs and Bars

Don’t Forget to Cancel your Credit Card…

Don't Be An Oxymoron...

Don't Beam Me Up Yet Scotty...

Don't Miss The Amazing Scotsman

Don't Touch Me She Said


Don't You Love Me No More

Donald and Daisy's First Night

Donald Trump wa right

Dorothy and Edna, Two Widows, Are Talking

Double Jointed

Down on the Farm

Down Under

Downhill Race with a Harley

Download Music Goto Jail Card

Dream Keyboard for a Nerd

Dreaming is Always Best

Drink to that

Drink Up - the Beers Are on Me!

Drinking and Driving can Be Extremely Dangerous!!!

Drinking Observation Between the Sexes


Drug Overdose


Drugs and where to draw the line

Drunk Driver

Drunken Stupor

Duck Walks into a Bar...

Dumb Blonde Waitress?

Dustman Calls to Collect the Dustbin


E-bay Help

E-bay Ripoff!!

Ear Ear

Early Retirement Bonus


Ebay Removes Harrier Jump Jet...

Eco Friendly Lawnmower

Economic one-liners

Economics Simplified

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Winning Jokes

Eiffel Tower-vs-002

Eight Iron

Einstein not only but also

Elephant Joke

Embarrassing Medical Exams

Emergency Appointment


Emergency Call - 911

Emotionally Constipated


Encyclopaedia Britannica Advertised in the…

English and Irish Man Joke

English is a Crazy Language.

English Language...

Equality at Its Best

Erogenous Zones

Escaped Murderer

Essential Laptop Repair Options

Essex Girls Moved to Glasgow?

European Financing

Eve's Side of the Story

Even Martians Get Spam

Even More Bumper Stickers

Even More One-liners


Every Breath You Take

Every little bit helps

Everything is Going to Be Alright

Evil Mutant Attack Squirrel of Death

Evolution of the Sexes

Exceptional Joke for Programmers

Excerpts from a Book Called Disorder in the…

Expectations vs Reality

Extracts from Police Car Video Arrests


Facebook - Before it All Started

Facebook - Crap Joke Central - Update

Facebook - Crap Joke Central - Update 004

Facebook - Crap Joke Central - Update 005

Facebook - How To Make Money

Facebook - Like your Grandma

Facebook - the Early Years

Facebook Checkout

Facebook Comeback Line

Facebook could easily be more interesting

Facebook Crap Joke Central's Latest Jokes

FaceBook for Parents

Facebook Friend Who Deleted Me

Facebook Helps the Planet

Facebook is Killing the Art of Communcation

Facebook is Like...

Facebook is the Second Most Popular Word


Facebook just like Ancient Egypt

Facebook Panic

Facebook Personal Problems

Facebook Privacy - Latest Update

Facebook Status Blunder

Facebook status update button needed

Facebook Update

Facebook Venn Diagram of News Feeds and Farmville

Facebook Warning About your Ex

Facebook Warning Messages

Facebook Warning to New Users

Facebook's New Dislike Button

Fact - Google is a Woman

Facts About Reindeer and Father Christmas

Facts of Life Learnt from a Calendar

Fair is Fare

Family Golf Story


Family Togetherness.............

Famous Composers and Movie Stars

Famous for a Day

Fancy Dress Party

Far Too Many Have this Superpower

Farmer Joe's Day In Court

Fast Forward to 2006

Fast Lane for Bikes vs Fat Lane

Fat Free - for All Those Following a Diet

Fat Profound Logic - 001

Father O'malley Went to Visit Patrick Shanahan…

Father to his Son:


Fatherly Advice from the Marriage Counselor

Fatherly Advice from the Priest

Fatherly Advice to his Daughter

Federal Government Employee Performance Evaluations.



Female Asian Aging Process

Female Benefits....

Female Distracted Driving Incident

Female Logic

Female Pilot

Female Prayers

Feminine Logic

Ferocious Grizzly Bear Escape

Fifty Shades of Grey .....Hair

Fifty Sheds of Grey

Fight with the Little Woman

Fighting Talk - Mighty Big Words

Finally Learned What Service Means

Finally The Blonde Joke to End All Blonde…

Finally, A Blonde Guy Joke!

Financial Difficulties


Financial Topics Explained

Find the Ad!

Fire Fighters

Fire in the Convent, another Groaner

First Day at Kindergarten

First Day At School

First Night and Still a Virgin After Being…

First Night for the Newly Married Virgin with…

First Prize for The Wildest Family Christmas

First Timer

First Touch Screen

First Visit to GF's Apartment

First visit to the girlfriend's house

First Woman President of the Usa

Fit for the Job

Fitness and Health Observations

Five Jumps a Week


Five Sales People

Five Short Jokes

Five Surgeons Are Discussing Who Has the Best…

Five Tips For A Woman

Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants Announcements

Flight Tower Conversation at Dublin’s…

Flow Chart of a Serenity Prayer

Flowers from a Geek

Flu Update

Food Shortage

Football Season Reminder

For All Girls Waiting for the Perfect Man

For all the Pussy Perverts

For Men Only - New Mammagram

For My 75th Birthday My Wife Gave Me...

For People Who Like Venn Diagrams


For Those Who Love the Philosophy of Hypocrisy…

For Those Who Thought They Knew Everything

For Wine Lovers and Connoisseurs


Forgive your Enemies.....

Formality to ask for Daughter’s Hand


Fortune Telling Weighing Machine

Forty Gypsies Arrive at the Pearly Gates in…

Four Catholic Men and a Catholic Woman Were…

Four Catholic Men and A...

Four Good Lessons to Remember

Four Juvenile Delinquents at the Zoo

Four Nuns with St Peter at the Pearly Gates

Four Skydiving Cats

Fourth Marriage

Frank and his New Rifle


Frank and the Dwarf

Free Beer

Free Brake Test

Free Guiness

Free Sex With Petrol Station Fillup

Free Strips of Paper

French Accent Bloomer - Not A Penis

Friday 13th - Paraskevidekatriaphobia

Friends Working in the Sawmill

Friendship Tested to the Limit

Friendship, Confession and Sharing!!!

Friendship, Men Vs Women

From 'monty Python'

From Now on I Resign from Being an Adult

From The London Times: A Well-planned Retirement

From the Mouth's of Babes

From the Mouths’ of Darling Babies


Funeral of a Traffic Warden

Funny Motor Insurance Claims

Funny Nicknames from Scotland

Funny Shop Names

Funny Story, Possibly True?

Funny Tales About Safe Working Procedures…


G W Bush Was Sleeping when Suddenly He Awoke

Gandhi at Law School

Gassing Up

Gasthof Zum Lowen Restaurant

Geek Leak

Geek Logic

Geek Meditation Session

Gender for Color Names

Genetic Result

Gentle Thoughts for Today

Geography of a Woman

George and his new wife

George W Bush Visits a Primary School...

George Washington and his Troops

Geration Gap

German Engineering

Get out Of...


Get Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Getting A Round Of Golf, What to Tell the…

Getting Dressed After Kindergarten

Getting Even

Getting Home - You Just Cannot Win

Getting Mugged

Girls About to Explode out of Their Clothes

Girls are just not like their mothers

Girls Are Like a Cd

God Was Planning on Taking a Vacation

Going Camping.....

Going Downtown

Going to Jail

Golf - Will the Man on the Ladys Tee

Golf and the Two 'gotchas!'

Golf Balls

Golf Caddies


Golf Grammar Lesson

Golf Lessons

Golf Membership Refused

Golf Questions

Golf with a Gorilla

Golf with a Lady and Four Lawyers

Golfers Be Grateful

Gone Doody

Gone Fishing

Gone to Market - Love Pig

Good Driver

Good Intentions

Good Lawyer

Good Luck Mr Gorsky

Good Manners and Etiquette

Good Morning Message Greeting

Good News Vs Bad News


Good News and Bad News

Good News and Bad News for Fathers' of…

Good News and Bad News from the Airline Pilot…

Google Adsense

Google before you Tweet

Google Cannot Find Him

Google Earth - Where Am I

Google Failed Again

Google Reveals the Cause of India’s…

Google Search in 2084

Google Solution to Gambling Addiction

Google Translate this

Google Whoops


Gorilla Antics at the Zoo

Gossip and the Test of Three

Got C’s or a D’s


Got Pulled by a Cop Today

Government vs Indian Logic on Daylight Saving

Graffiti from a Math Nerd?


Graffitti about Anarchy

Grammar, its best to know your shit

Grandma Deleted The Internet

Grandma Says Back in my time

Grandmas Always Know Best

Grandmas Are Not Right All the Time

Grandpa and his Grand-daughter

Grandpa is Sitting Half-naked on the Porch

Grandparents and Kids

Grant Me Serenity

Graveside Service

Great Modern Time Philosophers

Great Tshirts for Seniors


Greek Style

Greener Grass...

Groaner About a Honda Motorcycle.

Gross but Innovative

Grounds for Divorce?

Growing Up

Guaranteed for a Lifetime

Guaranteed Peace at Last

Guardian Angel

Guess What This company Makes

Guess Who One the Bet.

Gun Logic 101

Guns and Birth Control

Guns vs Cheese

Guns, Doctors and Lawyers

Guy with a Girlfriend Named Lorraine - Another…


H2o: Dangerous Chemical!


Halloween Gift to Scare People

Halloween Party

Handy Latin Phrases by Phil Brodie

Happiness is Sharing...

Happy Fall

Happy Father's Day

Hard to Argue with Indian Wisdom...

Harley Davidson

Harry Potter’s 3rd Bride

Harry the Eagle

Harry the Painter

Has anyone heard this?

Has this Ever Happened to You on a Pub Crawl?

Has this Ever Happened to You?

Have a Happy Period.


Have no fear of perfection

Have You Been a Good Girl?

Have You Ever Danced?

Have You Ever Done This?

Have You Ever Had One of Those Days

Have You Ever Heard this

Have You Ever Seen a Baby Porcupine?

Have You Ever Typed This?

Have You Made this Mistake?

Have You Noticed the Changes Since the 70's

Have You Noticed the New Wireless Technology

Have You Seen Any Spiders

Have You Seen this Girl?

Have You Tried this at Home?

Have You Tried this Facebook New Feature

Have You Tried this on a Debt Collector?

Have You Tried this Really Great New Drink


Have You Tried This?

Health & Fitness - Factfile. Questions…

Health & Fitness - Old Age - Dangerous…

Health Benefits Of Being Overweight

Health Warning from the National Health Service

Health warning.

Hear no evil, speak no evil

Hearing Aid and Perception

Heart Attack

Heart Attacks

Heart Broken

Heart Murmur

Heart operation on father by his son


Heights of Revenge !!!!!

Helicopter Crash

Helicoptor Flight Instructor and his Student


Help Desk

Help Hubby

Helpful Neighbor

Her Own Way

Her Prayers Answered

Here is Something Even Most Car Buffs Probably…

Here’s an Interesting Dilemma

Here's One for All the Nerds in Our Life

Here's One for Farangs in Asia

Hide and Seek World Champion

Hilarious Quotes Concerning the Better Half

Himalayan Road Signs

Hippy, Happy and Aging but Gracefully

Hired Help

Hit and Run but Recognized

Holiday Brochure Translation

Holiday Couple in Spain


Hollywood Squares

Holy Joes Desiderata

Home Alone

Honeymoon Confessions

Hope You can Solve this

Hospital Jokes

Hospital Patient

Hot Flushes, Fainting - Call 911

House Trained


How Come?

How Did You Get the Injury?

How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit?

How Do You Spend your Chrstmas Time?

How Do You Unlock the Door?

How Father Murphy Fixed his Leaking Church…

How Fights Start with Wife


How Fiji was United-Today

How Hot is It in Hell?

How Little Johnny Sold Toothbrushes

How Logical is the English Language?

How Many Alzheimers Patients Doe It Take

How Many Followers Do You Have

How Many of These put a Smile on your Face?

How Many Slices of Toast for Breakfast

How Mickey Lost the Bet

How Much is Too Much

How Much Will It Cost For...

How Not to Post a Newpaper Advertisement for…

How Smart is Your Right Foot?

How the Internet Was All Started, It is True,…

How the World Works Lately…

How to Feel Really Good

How to ask for a Pay-rise


How to Be a Really Nice Guy

How to be a Sympathetic Neighbour

How to Be Cruel to Old Guys

How to burn 800 calories in 30 minutes

How to Dump a Man

How to Feel Awesome

How to Get 3 Days Off?

How to get out of a mental hospital

How to Get to Heaven

How to Guess what Day a Woman is Born

How to Help a Lesbian Have a Baby

How to Hold on While the Train is in Motion…

How to Keep a Woman Happy Vs How to Keep a…

How to Keep Fit for the Elderly...

How to know you've hit the G-spot

How to Pickup Chicks

How to Place the Right Person in the Right…


How to Print from an Ipad

How To Recycle a Condom...

How to Save the Airlines by Tiger Woods

How to Sell Watermelons

How to Solve ALL Computer Problems

How to Spell Putt

How to Stop Smoking

How to stop those annoying telephone calls

How to Subtly Mention your Iphone when Picking…

How to Talk About Men and Still Be Politically…

How to think outside the box

How to Trim your Bush

How to Turn a Woman on

How to Turn your Man On.....

HTML Head and Body Tattoo

Humorous Computer Technical Support Stuff



Hunting in Texas

Husband caught in the act

Husband Down in Aisle One

Husband's Dilemma in Watching Porn Versus…


I Already Paid

I Am Called a Princess

I Am Getting So Old That...

I Am Not Falling for that One

I Am Not Kidding

I Asked a Girl to SMS Me

I Believe in Having Sex on the First Date

I Bet You Can't...

I Bet You Never Saw

I can Make your Girlfriend Scream Louder

I Can’t Play Football

I Don't Mind Work It is Just the Eight Hours…

I Feel Pretty

I Got a Phone Call Today.

I Got Banned from Ebay

I Hate My Job

I Have Just Found Out...

 I H

I Have Not Lost My Mind

I Have Nothing to Offer but Blood

I Know My Drinking Capacity

I Listed the Government As a Dependent on…

I Love How the Internet Improves Peoples

I Love My Dentist So Much That...

I love you more today than yesterday

I Need a Man Moment

I Need Some Advice on what Could Be a Life…

I Once Had a LIfe

I phoned in sick

I Scared Postman when I was Naked

I think I need an answer

I Took My Old Dad Shopping...

I tried to drown my sorrows

I Used to Look Up to Tiger Woods

I Walked Past a Mental Hospital Today...

 I W

I Want a 19 Year-old Escort

I Want Camera Batteries

I Want Grandma

I Want to be Older

I Want to Burn an American Book

I was going to quit all my bad habits

I Was Just Visiting Some Friends

I wasn't made for winter

I Wish to Be a Sex Symbol

I wonder how long it will take before people…

I Would Like Coffee Please

I Would So Kill My Husband!

I'm Concerned

I'm Cured!

I'm Lost

I'm Not Happy

I'm Pregnant Too.


Ideal for Computer Addicts

Idle Thoughts if a Retiree;s Mind

Idle Thoughts of a Retiree's Wandering Mind

If I Had a Hammer

If It Was Not for Cnn I Would Have No Idea…

If only shoplifter would heed this sign

If Only They Had a Jewish Mother

If the Moon Landing Happened Today...

If You Are Having a Bad Day Remember It Could…

If You can Understand this

If you don't make mistakes

If you Fall

If You Love Someone . . .

If you marry an Irish girl

If You Think You Are Too Small to Make an…

iFamily Quartet - iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPaid

Illegal Immigrants - Politically Incorrect


Im Memory of Leonard Ball Who Hated Fat People

Improve Your Sex Life

In a Thousand Years Archeologists Will Believe

In Case

In Case of Emergency

In Case You Ever Wondered...

In Pharmacology.............

In praise of Lance Armstrong

In the Backyard

In the Beginning

In the Mouth

Inbox in My Dreams

Income Taxes!

Indian Mating Season

Ingenious Beer Holder

Ingenious Solid Gold Investment Plan

Inner Peace


Inside Smells

Instant Cure for Baldness

Insulted By A Druggist

Insulting Druggist

Insurance Claim for the Lawyer and the Engineer

Interesting Appraisal Review Letter by Hr

Interesting Definitions of It Job People’s…

Interesting Dialogue Between a Father and…

Interesting Thoughts

Internet Addiction is Serious Business

Internet Guy Not Leaving Until

Internet Proverbs

Internet Trolls

Ipad - Advert Ipaid Too Much

iPad and a Big Mac

Ipad Beaten by the Buttons

Ipad Pro


iPad vs iTablet

Ipad Vs Stone

Ipad Was Made Like this

Ipads Half Price - Don't Miss Out

iPhone - put your phone away - there's an…

Iphone 4 - Simple Fix for Hand Holding Problem

Iphone 4 Magic Trick

iPhone 5 Update

Iphone Accepts New Challenge

Iphone Amazing New Feature

Iphone Ancestors Had Tails and Buttons

IPhone and Mona Lisa Update

iPhone Angry Calls

iPhone Apologises to Samsung

Iphone Battery Problems Solved

Iphone Breaking News Items and Free Bumper…

Iphone Conquers Google


Iphone End Call Sticker

iPhone Finally Gets Good Photos

Iphone Found in Bars and No Bars

Iphone Has Too Many Features

Iphone Helps Capture Osama Bin Laden

Iphone Low Battery Warning

Iphone Pinch and Zoom Does Not Work...

Iphone Protection

iPhone Sharing

Iphone Speaker Amplifier

Iphone4 Losing Signal Solution - [solved]

Ipresents for All the Ifamily

Ireland Declares War on France

Irish Airline Announcement

Irish Border Crossing

Irish Car Rescue Tragedy

Irish Humour


Irish Jokes.....oh Dear!

Irish Traditional 18th Birthday Feat

Irish Virginity Test Kit

Ironic Pictures that Are Worth a Thousand...

Irrestible to All Women

IRS Free Gift for Early Tax Returns

Is Ammunition Getting Real Scarce

Is Anyone There

Is It Always Easier to Tell the Truth

Is It Nsfw if You Work in A...

Is It with or Without a Dash

Is Santa Claus a Woman…

Is Sex Work Or Play?

Is Socialism a Joke?

Is that Rain?

Is There a God?

Is There a Santa Clause


Is There is Anyone Here Who Knows Why These…

Is There Life After Death?

Is this how Life should be Proportioned

Is this Racism?

Is This The Vet?

Is this Where They Went Wrong?

Is This Why You Are Single

Is this Why You Use Paypal

Is this your Life - Repent Now

Is your Brain a Wonderful Organ?

Is your Dad Home?

It Happened on Mars

It is Better to Have Loved and Lost

It is Important for Men to Remember that As…

It is not always necessary to kill a mosquito

It is Not Polite

It is Only a Small Error


It Looks Like You Are Installing Windows

It says so in the Bible

It Was a Miracle

It was all a mistake

It was Not the End of the World

It’s the Conga

It's All in the Colours

It's Always the Kids that Suffer

It's an Age Thing

It's Only a Bike

Its the Law


Jack and Tom Are Having a Quiet Beer in a…

Jack Called for a Doctor's Appointment

Jailed Banknote Salesman turns Carpenter -…

Jane and Arlene

Jaws and the Newly Weds

Jesus and Saint Peter Are Golfing.

Jesus Works in Mysterious Ways

Jew Spotted Reading Arab Newspaper

Jewish Divorce

Job Frustration Support Group

Job Interview for Lion Tamers in a Circus

Job Interview with Three Remaining Candidates

Job’s Worth On Shoreditch High Street, Uk

John Lennon Profound Logic - 001

John the Chicken Farmer

Johnny Again

Johnny and his Train Set


Johnny at the Auction

Joke or a Postal Scam

Jokes for Men

Judge and the Prostitute

Judgement Day is Here So...

Juggler pulled by a Traffic Cop

Just a Little More

Just A Phone Call

Just Arrived in Town and All Alone

Just Before the Weekly Bridge Game

Just Between Us!

Just Call Me Mr Iron Man

Just Fixed My Computer and Now...

Just For The SQL Nerds

Just Found a New Key to Happiness

Just Found Out That

Just Fred Gets Stopped by the Traffic Police…


Just Got an Sms

Just Got to Be Irish

Just Like his Father

Just Look at this Big Butt

Just Married And...

Just No Pleasing Some People!

Just Passing Through

Just Puns

Just read this in the Bible

Just released after a nine month sentence

Just the One Wish

Just walking the dogs

Just What Moms are Made For

Just who thought of this street name?


K37 - the Empty Seat in the Manchester United…

Kama Sutra for the 21st Century

Karaoke - Guess the -Words

Kicked in the Crotch

Kids and Religion

King and the Captured Girl

King Arthur and the Witch:

King Frederick Ii Visit To A Jail

Knew the exact day he was going to die

Koala & Lizard (an Australian Tale)


Labour Pains

Ladies Man

Ladies Night Out

Language Arts Class Student Gets the Right…

Las Vegas Monks

Last Night I Was...

Last Night in the Pub

Last Will and Testament

Last Words of the Argument

Late Eighties

Latest Advice from My Stockbroker

Latest and Greatest One Liners

Latest Canadian Government Study

Latest computer icons are gender specific

Latest Disabled Parking Notice

Latest Explanation of Sex and Love

Latest Eye Test Wall Chart


Latest Financial News Items

Latest Innovation - 3 - D Printer

Latest Interesting Trivia

Latest Medical Discovery - Great News for…

Latest News from Liverpool Echo

Latest Report - Calories Used

Latest Statistics on Airport Screening

Latest Theory of Dinosaur Creation

Latest Update on Story Of The Three Little…

Latest Update on Gun Law

Latest Update on Religion

Latest Virus

Latest Warning on Growing Up


Law Enforcement Recruitment Question

Laws of Golf

Lawyer Jokes


Lawyer off for a Weekend with a his Friend

Lawyers and Charity

Leading Professor's Sexual Behaviour Lecture

Learn from the Discovery Channel

Learning to Live Together

Lent with Bubba

Leroy and Tyrone Discussing Marital Problems

Leroy from Port Antonio

Letter from a Deep Sea Diver to his Sister

Letter from the Husband Leaving his Wife and…

Letter of Complaint to the Railway

Letter to the Grim Reaper

Letters from Son at College to his Father

Letters to Santa Claus

Levels of Stress

Lexophiles - Lovers of Words - version - 001

Lie Detector


Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Life as you may not know it

Life Explained

Life in the Australian Army

Life is a Bitch

Life is a short meaningless journey filled…

Life is Like a Hot Bath

Life is Short So Play Naked

Life is Short……………..if It Needs to Be Paid,…

Life is Too Short to

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Like Father Like...

Like Lightning

Lil' Johnny and Lil' Suzie Were Walking

Linda Lykes

Lipstick in School

Lisa Was Called to Serve for Jury Duty...



Literally a piggy back

Literally Dogs Poo

Literally in Arabic

Litlle Johnny and his Dog that Ate the Homework

Litlle Johnny at the Super-market

Little Green Frogs

Little Johhny and his Father

Little Johhny on the Train

Little Johnny And The Circus Clown

Little Johnny Watched his Mother put on her…

Little Johnny and Arithmetic

Little Johnny and Fascinate in a Sentence

Little Johnny and his animal biscuits

Little Johnny and his Balloon

Little Johnny and his favorite flower

Little Johnny and his Grandma


Little Johnny and his Mum at the Beauty Clinic

Little Johnny and Perhaps

Little Johnny and Sunday Dinner

Little Johnny and Susie Were Planning to Get…

Little Johnny and the Horse with the Broken…

Little Johnny and the Local Priest

Little Johnny and the S&M Magazines

Little Johnny ask his Teacher ’is that Sex’?

Little Johnny asked by his Teacher to Describe…

Little Johnny asked by the Teacher what his…

Little Johnny Asks his Father Where his Intelligence…

Little Johnny Cursing and Swearing

Little Johnny Drawing

Little Johnny Explains Paranoia to his Teacher

Little Johnny Gets Advice from His Father

Little Johnny gets his own TV

Little Johnny in Biology Class


Little Johnny in Class Learning About the…

Little Johnny in his Biology Class

Little Johnny in the Maths Class

Little Johnny is Very Scared

Little Johnny Knows about Flying Moths

Little Johnny Learning About Logical Thinking

Little Johnny Learns How to Make Babies

Little Johnny needs no Guidance Counselor

Little Johnny on Political Correctness

Little Johnny Playing his Violin

Little Johnny Spending Too Much Time Playing…

Little Johnny studies the auto industry

Little Johnny Tested on the American Automobile…

Little Johnny Thinking Brick

Little Johnny to Smart for his Class

Little Johnny Wanted a Watch Just Like his…

Little Johnny Wanted To...


Little Johnny wants to devour the unborn

Little Johnny Was asked to Spell...

Little Johnny Was in Class...

Little Johnny's Teacher and the Word Perhaps

Little Johnny’s First Experience of…

Little Johnny's Cat

Little Johnny's Essay

Little Johnny's Homework Excuse

Little Johnny's Mother Decided Tell Him All…

Little Johnny's new alphabet

Little Johnny's Teacher Asks - Who Said That?

Little Johnny, just like a boss

Little Johnny’s Black Eye

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Little Sarah

Little Sister

Liver & Cheese


Living in Harmony

Lobster and the Crab Are in Love

Logic answer from a student

Logic from 'the Suit'

Logical Thinking

Login Stuff

Lola's Graduation

London Times Obituary

Look at the Hooters on This!

Look at what I've got in my pocket

Lord of the Rings

Losing his Load

Lost Airline Luggage

Lost and Famished in the Forest

Lost Camper Finds Way

Lost Dog Seeks Owner

Lost in Harrods


Lost My Virginity to a Girl

Lost Purse

Lost the Bet

Lots of Patience

Lou Costello Calls to Buy a Computer

Louisiana Law

Love is Supporting Each Other

Love Quotes

Love Story

Love Will Tear Us Apart Again

Low Battery Warning

Lucky 5

Luke Skywalker is Suddenly Awakened

Lumber Purchase


Ma and Pa Were Two Hillbillies Living out…

Mad Cow Disease Theory

Magic Wand

Maharishi Vatsyayan Has Stated in his Magnum…

Main Reason Why I Have a Double-Chin

Main Reason Why I Write

Major Breakthrough!!!

Make Sure They Get your Name.

Makes Perfect Sense

Making It Last

Making Love by the French, Irish and the Scots

Male Dominated Culture

Male logic

Mammogram Test Preparation Exercises

Man and Society--Cicero's Philosophy

Man of the House

Man’s Best Friend


Manana, Manyana

Manure definition

Maori (new Zealand) Legends

Marijuana and Gay Marriage

Marital Sexual Problem

Marriage Bliss

Marriage Councellor's Solution

Marriage or Fish License?

Marriage Quotations and Observations

Marriage Quotes from Famous Husbands

Marriage, Before, During and After

Marvellous Answer

Mary Poppins - Best Groaner of the Day

Mathematics Test

Mathmatical Knowledge of the American Public

Maud, Mavis and Ethel

Maybe a Flaw in the White Minority Attitude


Maybe a True Story...

Maybe an Hemophiliac

Maybe if Guns Kill People then

Maybe the best reason to apologise

Maybe this is next on Grandma's list after…

Maybe this is the Real Problem

Maybe this Will Get the Message Across

Maybe this Will Make You Save Energy

McDonalds Evolution

Me Mudder

Meaning of Life Explained

Medical Examination of the Young Newly Wed

Medical Definitions from the Irish

Medical Research Has Confirmed...

Meet the Computer Twins, Cut & Paste

Melbourne International Airport Control Tower

Memorable Words From Politicians


Memory Test for the Three Elderly Gentlemen

Men also have feelings

Men should never forget to think

Men vs Women - ver-004

Mens Abs Enhancer

Mental Health Ponderisms

Mental Test

Message in a Bottle

Message Very Important Notice To All Employees

Mexican Jews

Midas Touch

Middle Finger History

Midget with a Speech Impediment

Might As Well

Military Humour

Millions of Years Ago...

Miscellaneous - A Walking Economy


Miss World Burga Parade

Missed Opportunity - Men vs Women

Mission Accomplished




Modern Day Changes to Life and Channels

Mom - What Does Idk, Ly and Ttyl Mean?

Mom can I...

Mona Lisa after one week in USA

Monday Morning Coffee

Monday Morning Sickness

Monkey Business Explained

Montana State Trooper on Patrol

Moods of the Sexes

Moon vs Bathroom

More Amazing but Useless Facts


More Commentator Bloomers

More from The Mouth's of Babes

More Groaners

More Medical Reports

More Political Speak and Some George Bushisms

More Quickies

More Quotations

More Tee Shirt Lines and Slogans

Motel of the Future

Mother and Baby Pigeon

Mother-in-law Jokes

Movie Test to Guess your Favourite Movie

Mozart Beyond the Grave

Mu girlfriend just read Fifty Shades of Grey

Much to Their Surprise the Virgins Awaiting…

Mum's Favourite at Feeding Time

Murphy and his Buttered Toast


Murphy the Roofer

Murphy's Car is Stolen

Murphy's Laws

Murphy's Laws of Sex

Murphy's Notable Quotes:

Murphy's Technology Laws

Musical Monks

Mute Tourette's Syndrome

My Apologies to .........

My Best Friend

My Birthday Present from Hubby

My Birthday Present Surprise

My Daddy Smokes

My Dear Husband

My Dixie Wrecked.

My Dog is Now on State Welfare

My Dyslexic Mate


My Ex-Wife just got her Private Pilot's Licence

My First Condom

My First Visit for a Colonoscopy

My Generation

My girlfriend just left me

My Guess Is She's Married...

My Local Pub is Best

My Lucky Day

My Mission is to Make Somebody Smile Everyday

My Mother Taught Me...

My Mum Says They Have Teeth

My Mums a Superhero

My Name is Dave

My Neighbor from Across the Street

My New Year's Wish

My One Armed Friend

My Resimay


My Shrink Reckon It All Started when I Was...…

My Son Did It

My Son's Lizard

My Wife Thinks I'm Stupid and

My Wife Threatened to Leave

My Wish for Today - 2012-04-17


Name three types of rock

Naming the Baby

Nancy Reagan's Letter to John Hinkley

Nasa, Mars and Curiosity

National Orgasm Day

Naughty Parrot

Necessary Gift for Christmas

Nelson at Trafalgar

Nelson Mandela "you Sign";

Never ever get your shit mixed up

Never let a girlfriend order dinner

Never Lose a Small Young Relative

Never Too Old for Lego

Never trust an atom

Never try joking with the wife

New Bride, Maybe a Blonde

New Bumper Stickers


New Business is Booming

New clothes

New Definitions

New Drugs Are Now Facebook, Youtube and Stumbleupon

New Eye Test

New Fashion

New Knob Face Lift Procedure

New Living Will Form

New Name for a Beer

New Postit Note

New Queen Song Album Cover

New Stock Market Terms

New Virus Alert

New Warning when opening a web-page

New York Before, During and After

New York Emergency Call Center Worker Dismissed

News Flash: Marine Stabbed by Suspected Shoplifter


Next Time You Sit Next to a Stranger

Niagraa Falls Tour Guide

Nick Griffin Again!

Nighttime Flight Pilot and the Controller

Nineteen Things I Have Learnt

Ninth Date with Girlfriend

No Baby Talk Please

No Bonking!

No Calls

No Crack

No Dirty Words in this Joke

No I Cannot Come to Bed Yet

No Jumping the Queue

No Laughing Matter

No Matter How Old You Are

No More Emails from Me

No More Excuses...


No Nursing Home for Me

No Regrest for Burning My Bridges

No Senior Discounts...

No Smoking in this Area Unless

No Work Today

Noah's Ark

Nominated As the Best Short Joke this Year....


Norwegian Icebreaker Heads Up the Mississippi…


Not a Joke but an Oldies Music Quiz Instead

Not an Engineer but he'll do!

Not One to Complain...

Not only are all men equal

Not Only Have You Got Mail

Not Paying for a Drink

Not Quick Enough to Stop It


Not Right

Not Sponge Bob

Not Too Old Yet......

Note on Fridge - PRICELESS

Nothing Really Matress

Now I Know

Now I Know How to Make Love

Now I Know What Happened

Now I Know Where Chickpeas Come from

Now I know why they shaped guitars

Now this is what Some Would Call a Very Loving…

Now You Know How I Feel

Now You Know Why

Nude Pictures

Number of the Beast 666

Number One Wifi Alternative

Nun and a Priest


Nymphomaniac Convention


Obama - Online Privacy

Obama and Latest News on Gun Control

Obama and Little Johnny

Obama arrives at the Pearly Gates

Obama Salute

Obama T-shirt

Obituary About Larry La Prise, the Man Who…

Obituary Submitted by Wife About her Deceased…

Ode to Marriage: Marrying Opposites

Ode To The Times Of Life

Of Course It Will

Offside Rule Explained to Women

Oh Dear! I'm Very Sorry

Oh How I Wished this Was Possible

Oh My Buddha, I want Happiness

Oh Shit!

Oh, that Frank


Ohms Law Explained


Old Age

Old and Best Joke from Ancient Rome

Old Butch the Rooster

Old Dog

Old English Joke About a Hobo

Old Fred's Hospital Bed

Old Hollywood Squares

Old Love

Old Manny and his doctor

Old Postcards

Old Spot Just Died

Old Squid (sailor)

Ole the Artist

Ole the Farmer Buys a New Cow from Nordakota…

Olympic Condoms


Olympic Games 2012

Olympic Swimmer

Olympic Wrestlers

Omg I Totally Forgot It Was Fathers Day

On Arrival in Hell

On Arriving Late at Home

On No Not Another Puerto Rican!!!

On the Bus.

On the Plus Side

On the Way to Get Married

Once Seen Never Forgotten

Once There Was a Beautiful Woman...

Once Upon a Time

One Day in the Garden of Eden ...

One for All Programmers

One for Halloween?

One for the Brits About Sean Connery and Cilla…


One for the Brits' About the New Eu Directive…

One for the Brits' About the Suspected Terrorist…

One for the Scholars - How to Translate Academic…

One for the Scots...

One for the Scousers

One from the Philipines

One Liners from Joolz

One Liners from Sunny

One Liners Version: 001

One Liners Version: 002

One Liners Version: 003

One Liners: B - D

One Night In A Bar

One Night While Laying in Bed

One Night, a Horny Old Geezer...

One Upmanship Between Ladies

One, Two, Three


One-liners on Marriage - Researched by Alan…

Only Happens Once in a Lifetime

Only in Africa

Only in Texas

Only in Texas - Valentines Day

Only in Texas Visits Niagara

Open the Door and Let Me In...

Optical Illusion

Optimist, Pessimistm Realist and an Opportunist

Oral Sex

Orchestra Drummer


Orgasm Types

Osama Bin Laden Meets a Female Genie of the…

Out Of The Frying Pan & Into The Deep…

Outhouse Repairs

Overheard in a San Francisco Elementary School


Overheard in the Barbers Shop

Overheard in the IT Department

Overheard in the Supermarket

Oxymorons Galore



Paddy and Murphy Went to London

Paddy and the Texan

Paddy buying flowers

Paddy in the Pharmacy

Paddy Murphy Walks Ino his Local

Paddy Murphy's Wife Was Having a Baby

Paddy Takes the Irish Accountantancy Exam

Paddy Takes the Irish Math Test

Paddy Visits The Antiques Road Show

Paddy wakes up after a night on the ale

Paddy Was Walking Through...

Pain in the Knee

Pain Remedy for the Little Sister


Parking Fine

Parking for Frogs vs Toads


Parrot Chute


Party Clown Replacement

Party on Friday Night

Party Time

Passengers boarding at Gate 39

Passengers on a Lufthansa Flight

Passing a Football

Passing Time

Password already taken try again

Password Incorrect - ver-002

Password Solved by Emma and Mildred


Pauline's Knickers

Pay Rise


Penis Facts


Perfect Puns


Perhaps One of the Most Interesting and Colorful…

Perhaps your Only Chance

Perks Of Being Over 50

Pessimist or Optimist

Pete - Aw #%#% - Is that You

Peter Kaye-isms., True. For Those that May…

Petrol Substitute

Phone Sex


Pick Three Hymns!!!

Pick Up Line?

Picky Lady Shopping at Tesco for Fresh Fruit

Pie Chart 101

Pie Chart 102

Pilot's Fatherly Advice to his Son


Pinch My Nipples

Piracy is Environmentally Friendly

Piracy is Not Theft

Planting the Seed...


Playing Cowboy

Playing with Yourself in Hospital

Please Ban Fox Hunting in Colorado

Please Forward this to 10 Friends And...

Pleasure is a Mental State

Poem for Women

Poems by Wife and Husband

Poetry or Prose?

Poker Night

Police Chase

Police Find Hidden Crack

Police in Costa Brava



Political Aphorisms

Political Correctness

Politically Incorrect

Politician Telling the Truth

Politics Explained by a Father to his Son

Pommie in the Crapper


Ponderism - Asteroids and Dinosaurs

Ponderism - Heart vs Brain

Ponderism - Is someone thinking of you?

Ponderism - Jack Nicholson Classic

Ponderism - Lovers Names Carved on Trees

Ponderism - Reasons to Be Thankful

Ponderism - Simple Truths

Ponderism - The Best Blessed People

Ponderism - The Best Fourteen


Ponderism - Understanding Women

Ponderism - Working Hard




Ponderisms - The Best Nineteen

Ponderisms for Seniors

Ponderisms Version: 001

Ponderisms Version: 002

Ponderisms Version: 003

Poof! The Light is On--

Pool with No Pee

Poor Dave

Poor Silly Bunny Rabbit

Pope and Jews - The Power of Interpretation

Poposal for the New Emblem

Popular Quotations and Thai Translations


Pork Scratching

Position is Everything

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Potentially Vs Realistically

Power of the Badge

Precautions Before Sex

Pregnant Symptoms

Pregnant Woman - Will It Hurt Much Doctor?


Priceless Number-001

Priceless Number-002

Printing - We Are The Champions

Procrastinators Unite


Profound Logic - Einsteing-001

Profound Logic - Rowan Atkinson

Profound Logic - Rowan Atkinson-002


Profound Logic 012: If You Think you are Too…

Programming Is Like Sex

Programming Languages Compared with Women

Proof Reading Book Error Sold Millions

Proof that Men Just Don't Listen

Proof The World Is Nuts

Proper Grammar

Prostate Cancer

Prostate DRE

Prostate Test in Thailand


Proud to be British!

Proud to have lost so much weight

Proverbs - According to 6year Olds

Psychiatrists Vs. Bartender

Public Apology

Public Service Announcements


Pulled by the Police

Pulled over for Going Too Slow

Pulled over in Georgia

Puns Ver 002

Putting out the Cat Before Leaving for a Night…

Pyramid of Jokes


Qantas Aircraft Maintenance



Qucik Answer

Question Clarification

Question: What is a B******d Exactly?

Questions & Answers

Quick One for the Brits'

Quick the Fan Fell on our Baby

Quick Thinking - Definitely


Quiz: In 1923, Who Was


Quotations About Age, Aging, Growing Older,…

Quotations All About Tax

Quotations from Actual Students Essays

Quotations from Oscar Wilde


Quotations: Sir Winston Churchill

Quote from John Cleese?

Quote of the Day

Quotes and Humour from Groucho Marx

Quotes from Mark Twain

Quotes from Modern Programming Experts

Quotes from Some Girls

Quotes from the Management

Quotes I Like

Quotes: Alfred E Neuman

Quranic Version of Adam and Eve


Rabbi's Sermon

Rabies diagnosed by the doctor

Rain on your Parade

Random Thoughts from 25-35 Year Old People

Raped by a Cricketer

Rasheed Visits USA

Real Answers Taken over the Years on Larry…

Real Estate Salesman's Honesty

Real Letter to the Bank

Real Life Cybersex

Real Notes to British Milkmen

Real Political Transparency

Real Reason

Real Space Invaders

Really Terrible Leg

Reason for the Break-Up

Reason Why I am So Hot


Reasonable Wife

Reasons to Be Charitable

Recognise Any of These Office Dogs?

Recruiting for the Air Force

Red Cross

Red Skelton’s Recipe for a Perfect Marriage

Redneck Airbag

Reducing Expenditure

Reducing your Ration

Refund from Taco Bell

Register Software


Relationships Before And After

Remarkable Coincidences

Remember Those School Field Trips and Farm…

Remus the Horse Thief

Research Results


Resistance is Futile

Respect your Elders!

Respect your parents because they did not…

Rest In Peace

Restaurant Customer Orders a Squid - Groaner

Retired Person's Perspective

Revenge of the Finger

Right and Wrong


Rindercella and her Sugly Isters.

Robot Caddies

Rock Beats Paper but Nothing Beats...

Rodney Dangerfield Quotes

Rodney's One Liners

Romantic Rhymes

Ronaldo, Luis Figo and James Mcfadden

Ronnie Barker's Best Lines


Room Service - Tenjewberrymuds

Roping A Deer------- (names Have Been Removed…


Royal Navy Reports Submitted by Mr Tim

RTFM and Excerpts from the Manual

Ruled You out

Rules for Writers:

Rules to Live by Version 001

Rules to Live by Version 002

Run and Jump to Make this Timed Photo

Russian Roulette Played in Africa

Rye Bread


Sacrifice Saved

Sad tale about a dog without a tail

Sadist, Masochist, Murderer...

Safari and the Lion

Safe Sex

Safety at Play: Swimming Pool

Safety at Work - Hedge Trimmer-002

Safety at Work - Overloaded Bike 001

Safety at Work - Overloaded Bike 004

Safety at Work - Overloaded Bike 005

Safety at Work - Overloaded Boat 002

Safety at Work - Overloaded Boat 005

Safety at Work - Overloaded Bus 005

Safety at Work - Overloaded Car 001

Safety at Work - Overloaded Car 002

Safety at Work - Overloaded Car 003

Safety at Work - Overloaded Car 004


Safety at Work - Overloaded Car 005

Safety at Work - Overloaded Car 006

Safety at Work - Overloaded Car 007

Safety at Work - Overloaded Cart 004

Safety at Work - Overloaded Cart 008

Safety at Work - Overloaded Cart 011

Safety at Work - Overloaded Horse-003

Safety at Work - Overloaded Lorry-001

Safety at Work - Overloaded Lorry-002

Safety at Work - Overloaded Lorry-003

Safety at Work - Overloaded Motobike-001

Safety at Work - Overloaded Motorbike-011

Safety at Work - Overloaded Train 006

Safety at Work - Overloaded Truck - 001

Safety at Work - Overloaded Truck-002

Safety at Work - Overloaded Truck-009

Safety at Work - Painter 001


Safety at Work - Safety Glasses

Safety at Work - Safety Helmet -002

Safety at Work - Steel Capped Flip-flops

Safety at Work Saving Fuel

Safety at Work-Overloaded Train 003

Safety at Work-Overloaded Train 004

Safety at Work: All Aboard - Far Too Many…

Safety at Work: Baby Chairs

Safety at Work: Can You Spot this Dangerous…

Safety at Work: Extended Ladder

Safety at Work: Facemask

Safety at Work: Forklift and Two Ladders

Safety at Work: Forklift with Bomb

Safety at Work: Forklifts

Safety at Work: Gas Cylinder Transport

Safety at Work: Gas Cylinder Transport - 002

Safety at Work: Hedge Trimming


Safety at Work: Helping Hands

Safety at Work: Huge Cockup

Safety at Work: Just when You Think You Have…

Safety at Work: Ladder in Stair-well

Safety at Work: Ladder in Water

Safety at Work: Overloaded

Safety at Work: Overloaded Van of Bikes

Safety at Work: Paint Tins

Safety at Work: Ppc - Personal Protection

Safety at Work: Safety Harness

Safety at Work: Safety Helmet

Safety at Work: Safety Helmet-005

Safety at Work: Scaffolding

Safety at Work: Scaffolding for houses

Safety at Work: Scaffolding for Houses-002

Safety at Work: Scaffolding for Houses-003

Safety at Work: Special Delivery


Safety at Work: Stacking Bricks

Safety at Work: Stairway to Heaven

Safety at Work: Stepladder and a Paint Tin

Safety at Work: Stepladder on Ladder

Safety at Work: Street Lighting

Safety at Work: Street Lighting Again

Safety at Work: Suspended

Safety at Work: Tea Break in the Shade

Safety at Work: Tower Scaffolding

Safety at Work: Truck Repairs

Safety at Work: Walk the Plank

Safety at Work: Welding Mask

Safety at Work: You Need the Motor Running

Salesman Meets his Wife in the Hotel Lobby

Same Doc?

Samurai's and Flies

Santa's Sexual Harassment Trial


Santa’s Email from a Sweet, Little Girl

Sausage Factory

Saved by a Professional

Saved by The...

Say No to Cadburys Merging with Nestle

Scary Pussy

School of Psychiatry at Harvard University

Science of Living Things

Scientists Forgot to Mention

Scotsman at the Dentist

Scottish Bar Stool

Searching For a Missing Cia Agent in Ireland

Seasonal Dentist Groaner

Seasonal Greetings

Second Try!

Secret Men's Stuff

Secret Service New Rules of Conduct


Secuity Alert - Airport Shut

Security Levels Around The World

See-through Negligee Fail

Senior Couple Engagement

Senior Love Story

Seniors Under Attack

Sentenced for Stealing

Service Fee

Seven Daily Job Moods

Sex and Porn

Sex and the Economy

Sex Dolls

Sex in the Irish Tradition

Sex is Like a Restaurant

Sex Life Insurance

Sex On Venus

Sex or Drugs?


Sexual Harrassment Will Not Be Reported

Shamus and Murphy Were Skint and Fancied a…

Sharon's Birthday Present

She's Real and it's her Birthday

Shipwreck Survivors

Shipwrecked On A Desert Island

Shipwrecked, one man and a dozen women

Shop Sign Puns

Shopping for a New Sofa

Shopping for her Very First Bra


Short jokes and some One Liners

Should Have Quit...

Should You Forward this Joke?

Sid the Inventor

Sign Posted at a Golf Club in Scotland , Uk

Signs of Our Times


Signs of the times

Silent Treatment After The Honeymoon

Simon Says...

Simple Bar Stool Economics

Simple Sex Problem Solution

Simple Solution to Sleeping In

Simplified Management Flow Chart

Singing in the Shower

Sir, Bring Me Cakes and Ale

Sister Mary and the Priest

Six Favorite Could Nots

Size does matter

Size Does Not Matter

Sleeping Late

Small Boy Wrote to Santa Claus

Smart Alec Pulled by the Police

Smart Copywriter


Smart Dog

Smart Kid

Smart Kids

Smoke Pot vs Drinking

Smoking's Rights

Sms One Liners

Sms Sent from a Bar

Snappy Answers

Snooker Ball Diet

Snow Joke

Snow Plough Walker

Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs

Snowing Heavily

Snowman and the Proctologist

Snowplow Warning

So Who Does Superman Punch

Soa - Senior Online Abbreviations


Social Media Simplified

Solve It to Know It...

Solved - A Loving Present for the Girlfriend

Solved - Christmas Present for all

SOLVED - iPhone Dropped in Water

Solved - Obama Check Cashing Problem

Solved - The End of the World

Solved - Why the Grass is Greener

Solved -iPad Printing for Dummies

Some Funny Marriage Quotes

Some Important Things to Remember

Some More Puns and Wise Words

Some of the Finest Double Entendres on British…

Some One-liners From The Edinburgh Fringe…

Some Things You Just Can't Explain

Some Wonderful Proverbs:

Something to Look Forward To...


Sometimes It Pays to Be Honest

Sometimes, I Just Do Not Understand My Wife.........

Son calls his mother

Sounds Dirty but it's all in the mind

Space Travel and Crop Circles


Spanish Lessons

Speaking of Dying. . .

Special Sandals

Special Thought for Thanksgiving Weekend

Speedy Morris

Spending Money in the Usa

Spike Milligan

Spotted While on Holiday in India

Squashed Frog

Squaw with her Doctor - Groaner

Squirrels At Church


Staff Christmas Party


Staying out Late...

Steve Job’s Latest Invention

Steve Jobs - Iquit My Job at Apple

Steve Jobs Arrives in Heaven

Steve Jobs Upgrades Tablets

Steve Jobs, Ceo

Still Good Friends

Stockmarket Investments

Stop Building These Websites

Stop Scratching

Stopped by the Police Again

Stopped by the Police While Driving Home

Story of a Challenged Senior

Strange Cornwall Witch and the Hamster Story

Strange things that excite women


Street Juggler

Street Vendor and the Lawyer


Stress Management

Stuck Caravan

Student in the Literature Class

Stung by a Bee While Playing Golf

Su Wong Marries Lee Wong...

Successful Studying Tip

Suicide Bomb on the Beach

Summer is Near

Sunday Morning Musings

Sunday Morning Sex



Surgery for the Height Challenged Man

Susan’s Washing Machine Breaks Down…


Suv Black Box Voice Recorders Last 16 Seconds…

Swim or Screw

Switching Channels

Swollen Joints

Syllable Lesson

Symptoms of Being over 30


T-shirt 4 Kids

T-shirt Slogans

Tae a Far-apologies to Robbie Burns

Take a Number

Take the Choose-a-urinal Challenge!

Taken for a Ride

Taking a Female to Bed

Taking Good Care of Mother

Talking Frog

Tarot Reader...

Tattoo on My Mate's Back

Tax Audit - Waste Not Want Not

Tech' Support for Online Banking

Technical Support for Grandma

Technical Support from Husband to Wife

Technical Support Number One Question

Technical Support Online Help


Telephone Message from Hubby

Ten Commandments

Ten Famous Golf Quotations

Ten Laws of Computing

Ten Questions from the Sexy School Girl

Ten Reasons Thanksgiving Dinner is Better…

Ten Reasons the Economy is So Bad

Ten Rules to Live by

Ten Thoughts to Ponder

Tender Missionary

Tensions of Life...

Terrible Truths and Other Principles of Disaster

Terrorist Set Free and Given 50$ and a Free…

Tesco Burger Update

Test to See Which One is the Blonde

Test Your Mental Age

Texas Itch


Texas Road Traffic State Trooper

Texas vs California

Texas vs Scottish Potatoes

Thai Style Blue Screen of Death

Thailand Headlines

Thank God your Are a Man

Thank You, Dewalt!!!

Thanksgiving Turkey Glad to See Me

That Awkward Moment

That Dream

That was not my wish

The Cricket Match

The Environmentalist

The 'phone Call

The (i)rate of Exchange

The 8 Monkeys

The 90-year-old Sexpert Guru


The Absolute Best Speeding Excuse

The Agronomist

The Alligator

The Alternative Ten Laws of Computing

The American Constitution

The American Couple in Paris

The American Dollar Bill

The American Tourist and the Englishman on…

The American Tourist Visits a Castle

The Angry Husband

The Angry Wife

The Anniversary Present

The Ant and the Grasshopper

The Aussie, a Yank and a Canadian

The Australian Went a Hunting...

The Australian, Irishman and the Scouser

The Bad and Ugly King Had a Beautiful Girl…


The Barber and Community Service

The Battle of Trafalgar - Revisited

The Bear, Rabbit and the Golden Frog

The Bearer of Bad News

The Beer Party Out in the Woods

The Beer Scooter

The Beggar and his Regular Customer

The Best Bible Salesman

The Best Cure for Persistent Headaches! !

The Best Engine Design

The Best Joke Ever?

The Best of British Humour

The Best Use for QR Codes

The Best Way To Get A Man...

The Best Woman to Marry

The Big Black Book

The Big Night


The Biker and the Little Old Lady

The biker who killed a bird

The Biology Test

The Bird

The Birthday Gift

The Blind Pilots

The Bookmaker Stopped at the Even Steven Inn...

The Bored Couple

The Bottle of Wine

The Boy Who Loved Tractors - Another Groaner

The Boyfriend

The Brain is a Wonderful Organ

The Bridegroom

The Bronze Rat

The Budding Actor

The Building Site

The Burglar


The Busy Bar

The Butcher Dance - Somebody Must Like this…

The Cab Driver....

The Call of Nature

The Car Boot Sale

The Car I Drive

The Casino

The Champion Jockey

The Change of Plea

The Chemist

The Christmas Present from the Boyfriend Got…

The Christmas Present from the Husband Who…

The Church Organist

The Church Testimony Meeting

The Circle of Life

The Clothing Salesman Finally Sold...

The Colonel's Order


The Complaining Customer

The Concerned Anthropologist

The Confession After the Honeymoon

The Cork

The Corruption Trial

The Court Ruling on Viagra Being Made Available…

The Courting Couple

The Cowboy

The Cowboy and the Lesbian

The Current Financial Crisis

The Cutest Ass You Will Ever See

The Defendant's Testimony

The Diet of Pool Balls - a Groaner

The Diet Recommended by the Doctor for the…

The Difference Between Graduates

The Dinner Party

The Dinner Table Conversation


The Diplomatic Husband

The Dirty Professor

The Disappointed Salesman Retruns from the…

The Divorce Hearing

The Doctor & the Elderly Man.

The Doctor's Prescription

The Doctors Attitude to Rudd’s Proposed…

The Doctors Waiting Room

The Dog Who Liked Melons

The Donkey that Fell Down the Well...

The Door is the answer

The Dot - Finally Someone Has Cleared this…

The Drunk Staggered Up to Hotel Reception…

The dumbest thing I have ever done

The Dyslexic Cop

The Efficiency Expert Concluded his Lecture…

The Elderly Couple


The Electric Arm Replacement

The Elephant and the Crocodile

The Elephant and the Turtle

The Eleventh Commandment

The Engineers and the Accountants go to a…

The Essex Girl and her Newborn Baby

The Eternal Optimist

The Expert's Analysis

The Facts of Life

The Failed Young Law Student and his Professor

The Family Way

The Farmers Son in College

The Father of the Child

The Female Brain Cell

The Female Brain Cells

The Fifteen Dollar Porche

The Fight for Cancer


The Financial Crisis on the Street

The First Date with a Man that She Had Fancied…

The First Man

The First Night

The First Witness

The Flatmate

The Flight Stewardess

The Four P's of Marketing

The Gambler and the Taxi-driver

The Generation Gap

The Genie

The Gi

The Giant Gorilla

The Girl Was Cornered at a Party

The Girls' Night out

The Golden Telephone

The Golfer and the Leprechaun


The Good Fairy Godmother and the Yellow Toad

The Grandfather Went a Visiting

The Grandmother and her Grandchild

The Grateful Painter

The Green Thing

The guy on the left looks very scary

The Hamster

The Hand Warmer

The Handsome Supermarket Bag Boy

The Happy Little Rabbit

The Harmonica

The Head Waiter

The Headache

The Hi-tech Milking Machine

The Hinge and the Teapot

The Hired Hand

The History of Profiling


The Hitchhiker

The Hotel Bill . . .

The Human Body has 206 Bones

The Husband Store and The Wives Store Across…

The Hypnotist at the Orpheum Opening Night

The Hypnotist that Stopped the Wife's Headaches

The I in Teamwork

The Ideal Orthopaedic Bed for Men

The Ideal Partner

The Illegal Pot Farm - Groaner

The Importance of Walking

The Incorrect Email Address.

The Indoctrination

The Inexperienced Curry Taster

The Insurance Claim

The Intensive Care Patients

The Interview for a Salesman with an Uncontrollable…


The Interview with the Candidate with Little…

The Inventor

The Irish Petrol Station

The Irish Way of Determining Parenthood

The Italian Secret to a Long Marriage.

The Jesus and Satan Competition

The Job Application

The Joys of Auto-correct

The Kid

The Last Argument

The Lawnmower

The Lawyer and his Unpaid Client's Bill

The Lecture

The Life Science Examination

The Lion and the Gorilla

The Little Girl Feeling Sick in the Church

The Little Turtle


The Lobster and the Crab

The Logical Makes Perfect Sense

The Lonely Frog

The Lottery Winner

The Lumberyard

The Magic of Slot Machines

The Magical Frog

The Man in Charge

The Man Who Forgot to Buy his Wife a Christmas…

The Married Couple and the Wife Discovers…

The Married Couple and the Wife Was Fishing…

The Married Man and the Secretary

The Marvels of Modern Medicine

The Matchmaker

The Mating Game

The Meaning of Life is Not 42 - Update

The Medical Distinction Between Guts and Balls.


The Medical Specimen

The Merit Badge

The missing link

The Mistress

The Mongolian Case of ...

The Moral of the Story

The Morning After

The Morning After a Night on the Beer

The Most Expensive Vehicle Per Mile?

The Naked Man and the Little Old Lady

The Nervous Newly Ordained Priest Learning…

The New Baby Without a Father

The New Bull Was Not Performing

The New Ceo

The New Chandelier for the Synagogue

The New Doctor

The New Dress


The New Itit Musical Breast Implant

The New Milking Machine

The New Oxford Dictionary's Latest Update…

The New Preacher

The New Recruit

The New Rooster

The New Royal Baby

The New Shiny Black Patent Leather Shoes

The New Signature

The New Store in Town . . .

The New Zoo Keeper

The Newly Weds

The Newlyweds

The Novice Journalist

The Number One Rule for a Long and Happy Marriage

The Number One Rule of a Pest Exterminating…

The Nun in Hooters


The Nun Playing Golf

The Nursing Home

The Nymphomanic and the Doctor

The Oil Shortage

The Old Gentleman Walks into a Bar

The Old Hunter

The Old Man

The Old Man and his Young Bride

The Old Man and his Young Wife

The Operation

The Other Mills

The Paratrooper

The Passing of the Pillsbury Doughboy

The Pastor's Cat

The Patch

The Pearl Necklace Gift

The Pet Shop


The Pill is maybe the best thing to stop getting…

The Pilot and Navigator

The Plucked Parrot

The Poker Player

The Police Recruit Interview Question

The Poor Pastor's Wife Returned from Shopping...

The Poor Wood Cutter Went Chopping Wood by…

The Pope

The Pope and Obama at the Baseball Game

The Pope and Tiger Woods Both Die on the Same…

The Pope Arrives at Jfk

The Post Turtle

The Postman Pat

The Preacher and the Pig

The Preacher Went to Play Golf Instead...

The Pregnant Wife

The Present from France


The President's Speech

The Priests Bathtime

The Primary School Counsellor

The Prodigal Returns for Confession

The Profitable Latex Factory

The Profound Logic of Children

The Proposal

The Psychiatrist and the Proctologist

The Queen Saw from her Yacht

The Queens Riddle

The Quest to Produce Beautiful Children

The Rabbi's Widow

The Race Horse

The Racist's Hell

The Ranch

The Real Reason Why American Beer is Served…

The Really Mad Mum


The Reason

The Reason for Failure

The Reason Why Girls go to the Toilet Together

The Reason Why It is Ok for Monks to Use Email

The Reason Why You Are on your Own

The Regular Customer

The Repair Man

The Results Are Out...

The Retired Gentleman

The Robot Bar-tender

The Rules of Chocolate.....

The Rules of English Cricket

The Sales Contest

The Salesman

The Scene at the Accident

The School Teachers on a Field Trip

The Scot Watching his First American Baseball…


The Scottish Student

The Sea Burial of Uncle Seamus

The Senility Prayer

The Seven Degrees of Blonde

The Sex Athlete Marathon Man

The Sexy Woman and the Bartender

The Sheep Farmer

The Shiny New Motorcycle

The Ship's Magician and the Parrot

The Shortest Horror Story

The Shy Guy in the Singles Bar

The Shy Welsh Village Lad

The Sign in the Men's Room

The Six Worst Four Letter Words

The Skeleton In The Ravine

The Smoke Theory

The Sneezing Woman


The Song

The Special Golf Ball

The Splint

The Stay of Execution

The Story of Adam and Eve's Pets

The Stowaway

The Stroke

The Student Proctologist and Country Music

The Student to the Sex Researcher

The sun brings out the best in people

The Suppository

The Surrogate Father

The Survivors of the 40's, 50's, 60's and…

The Swinging Sixtiess

The Sympathetic Wife

The Talking Newborn Baby

The Talking Parrot


The Tandem Story

The Teacher asked for Big Words that Eat Things…

The Teacher's Assignment

The Tenth Key to Success

The Terrible Flood

The Three Little Pigs

The Time of Reckoning

The Tough Lumberjack

The Tree Hugging Lady

The Two Brothers

The Two Campers

The Two Old Maid Virgin Sisters

The Ultimate Beer Goggles

The Unemployed Married Couple

The Union Worker

The unluckiest American tourist in Ireland

The Used Car Lot.


The Ventriloquist

The Very Tired Nurse's Rectal Thermometer

The Veterinarian

The Virgin

The Voice .......

The Voice from Above?

The Way to Go...

The Wedding Night

The Wife Returned from the Doctor

The Wife's Telephone Number

The Window Cleaner

The Wisdom You can Find on Toilet Walls

The Woman Answered the Knock at the Door And...

The Woodpecker Might Have to Go!

The World Expert on European Wasps ...

The World Will End

The World's Funniest Joke -- Official...


The World's Most Accurate Pie Chart

The Young Australian Approach to Selling

The Young Couple

The Young Entrepreneur

The Young Pastor and the Church Organist

Ther Retired Gynecologist Switches Careers…

There are trillions of nerves in the human…

There is a Lie in Believe

There is Always a Solution

There Was a Guy in the Bar Drooling over a…

There Was a Knock on the Door this Morning...

There Was Once this Cowboy...

There Was this Lonely Old Lady Who...

There Were These Three Guys Outside of a Bar

There Were Two Canaries that Lived in a Cage

There Will Be Pain

There's a Few Guys Who Always Get Together


Thermos Flask

They Even Knew in the Good Old Days

They Have a Word for It As Well

They Met in Hell...

They Walk Among Us!

Thibodeaux Takes a Trip to Paris

Things I Learned in the South..........

Things Not to Say Before, After or During…

Things Only a Mom Can Teach

Things that Are Difficult to Say when You're…

Things to Ponder

Think out of the Box

Thinking Ahead

This cannot be true

This day is coming soon and will be epic

This Guy and his Newlywed Wife...

This is Mythical and Deep.


This is No Joke

This Other Guy with a Monkey

This Page Cannot Be Displayed

This Poem of the Year

This post is far too good not to like

This Takes Some Believing

This will surprise my wife

This Won't Hurt A Bit...

Thomas the Pianist Tomcat

Thought for Today

Thought for Today About My Wife

Thought You Might Be Interested in a Glimpse…

Thoughts on Exercise

Three Big Bad Bikers and the Trucker

Three Bulls Discussing the Arrival of a New…

Three Comedians

Three Drunks Fall into a Taxi


Three Ducks Walk into a Bar...

Three Goats Let Loose in School

Three Hard to Find Valentine Cards

Three Medical Practioners on a Duck Shooting…

Three Men Commit Suicide by Jumping off the…

Three Men Only Rules for Aging

Three Nuns at the Rugby Match

Three Old Men having a Memory Test

Three Priests

Three Professionals Discussing the Oldest…

Three Reasons to Abstain

Three Tomatoes Were out for a Walk

Three Vampires in a Bar

Three Wise Monkeys for Sale in the Pet Shop

Three Wishes

Tiagra for when 18 Holes in Not Enough

Tick Warning


Tiger Woods

Tim and Sam

Time Spent on Website Creation

Time to put a Cork in It

Time to Start Swearing

Time to Stop Shopping?

Timely quotes


Tipping the Waitress

To Hell with Keeping Up with the Joneses

To Make a Woman Happy; a Man Only Needs to…

To Most Christians the Bible is Like...

To My Dear Wife...

Today I Learnt the Upload Speed of Sperm

Today I Saved Three Dollars

Today My Doctor asked Me

Today's Rib Ticklers


Today’s Inspirational Lesson


Toilet Closed Warning

Toilet Sign - Men vs Women

Tommy Cooper

Tommy Cooper - Dont' Jump off the Roof Dad

Tommy Cooper - I Hit Your Dog

Tommy Cooper Short Jokes

Tommy Cooper Specials

Tommy Cooper Witticisms

Tomorrows Monday

Tonight There Will Be Two Feet of Snow

Tonsils vs Circumcision

Too Bad that Bitching Does Not Make You...

Too Early for Free Taco Bells

Too Late for Mothers Day

Too Little Sleep


Too Much Stumbling...

Tooth Repossession Man

Top 10 Reasons E-mail Is Like a Penis

Top 10 Signs that a Computer is Owned by a…

Top 25 Sayings We’d Like to See on Those…

Top Drawer One Liners

Top Ten Edinburgh Fringe Festival One-liners…


Tourists Momento's - Another Groaner


Traditional milking

Traffic Accidents Safety Notice

Traffic Stop

Tragedy of the Dead Cat

Traveling in New Zealand

Tree Huggers

Trick or Treat


Tried It Once But Didn't Like It


Trouble with Women-Solved

Trout Fishing

True Friendship... "aussie Style"

True or False

True Story Apparently from United Airlines

True Story of Two Wisconsin Duck Hunters

Trust Me a Guy Said

Truth behind whipped cream

Try These Top 10 Christmas Holiday Eating…

Try this to Get You Home?

Turtle Mugging

Tv Position

Twenty Best Positions in Bed

Twenty Dollars

Twenty Dollars Contempt of Court


Twenty Dollars Says I can Get More Posts Than…

Twenty Modern Aphorisms:

Twenty Natural Laws

Two Buddies Fishing

Two Chickens Chatting...

Two Dwarfs

Two Elderly Irish Drinking Buddies...

Two Free Tickets To The Show

Two Gay Men Have a Baby....

Two Guys in a Bar Are Talking About Their…

Two guys met in the middle of the desert

Two Hungry Tramps

Two It Guys Talking in a Bar...

Two Joints

Two Keys to Happiness

Two Lawyers Stranded on a Desert Island

Two Marines Were Sitting Around Talking One…


Two Martians

Two Men Sat at the Bar

Two Naked Children

Two Nuns Buying Beer at the 7-11

Two Nuns Travelling in a Car

Two Nuns Visit the Zoo

Two Old Bats

Two Old Drunks Were Lapping Them Up at a Bar.

Two Old Ladies Chatting

Two Priests Decide to go to Hawaii for a Vacation...

Two Questions from a Pub Quiz and Some Short…

Two Quickies: At The Pharmacy and Spiders

Two Saints Season Tickets For Sale!

Two Sisters Inherit a Ranch

Two Southern Ladies

Two Strangers Talking on the Airoplane

Two Vampires Were Sitting - a Groaner


Two Vermonters Are Drinking in a Bar.

Two Young Lovers on a Romantic Winter Vacation


UFO Ray Doubles The Size Of...

Ufo Runs Short of Fuel and Lands...

UFO Sightings

Ugly Woman...

Uk Council Tax Now with Discounts

Uk Credit Crisis Worsens

Uk Media Release from the Bbc

Uk's Answer to Obama's Recent Speech on Tax…

Uk's Magic Wellness Stick

Ultimate Bar Story

Ultimate Birthday Present for the Wife

Under The Influence

Understanding British Logic

Understanding Engineering Design

Underwear is Important

Unfaithful Wife Caught by the Private Detective.

Universal Laws


Unrequited Love

Update on Auntie’s Surgery

Update on Bin Laden - Truth Now Revealed

Update on Tarzan and Jane

Updated - Pool Rule Notice Board

Upgrade Iphone To Ipad For Free

Urgent Beer Warning

Urgent Message to Captain Kirk

Usa States and Their Mottos

Usefulness of Fingers in Traffic


Valentine from an Engineer

Van Gogh's Family Tree

Van Logo Puns



Venn Diagram 101

Venn Diagram of Bruce Willis Sixth Sense

Very Interesting Stuff?

Very Smart Police

Viagra Alternative

Viagra Prescribed by the Doctor

Vijayakanth's Dialogues in English

Visiting Friends

Visiting the Parents


Waiting For The Bus

Wal-mart Interview

Walk on Water

Want to Live Longer?

War on Drugs, Terrorism, Money and Jobs

Warning - Guaranteed to Offend Most People

Warning - Non-pc

Warning: The Stealth Virus

Watch the Man on the Left and Not the Girl

Water Vs Alcohol

Web Site Names Make a Difference

Wedding Plans

Wee Willie and Wanda

Weight Watchers Lament

Welcome Home

Were You a Cool Dude in High School

West Yorkshire Police Statement:


Wet Tshirt Contest

What a Coincidence

What a Load!

What a Way to Go...

What are YOU on the internet

What Are You Writing

What Causes Arthritis?

What Comes Around Goes Around

What Did You Do Today?

What every man wants from a woman

What Goes on in Nursing Homes

What happens when you get really high

What if the Air is Actually Poisonous

What is a Cat?

What Is A Fox Pass?

What is More Important

What is natures best thermometer?


What is the Shadow

What is Your Favorite Soap Opera

What Religion is Your Partner's Bra?

What the State Motto Really should be...

What The....

What to do when your dog does a poo

What Women Can Get Away With: Part I

What you lose when you read Youtube comments

What You Must Do After Getting Married

What's for Breakfast?

What's Your Name

Whatever Happened to Sex, Drugs and Rock and…

Wheelbarrow Method

When a Lady Has To Fart

When a Woman Says I Love You.... Beware

When Bubba Wins the Lottery

When Did This Become Hotter


When English is your Second Language.....

When I Die I Want the Best

When I grow up

When I Say I'm Broke; I'm Broke!

When is It Time to Give Up Golf?

When It Comes to Sex

When It is Ok to Spank a Child

When It's Raining..

When the Thrill is Gone from the Marriage!

When to Tip the Waiter

When Work Feels Overwhelming

Where Are We?

Where can I Buy Some?

Where Do Pets Come From? from the Book of…

Where Do You Keep Your Chloroform

Where Does the Time Go?

Where is My Ex


Where is She?

Which One Has Happened to You?

Which One Of These Would Prick Your Conscience

Which Two Services Do You Want

Whips and Chains

Who Enjoys Sex More, a Man or a Woman?

Who is Jack Schitt?

Who Is Next?

Who Needs Big Tits...

Who Packs your Parachute

Who Robbed Who

Who Said Poetry Was Boring?

Who Said That?

Who sneaked the 'S' into Fast Food

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire...

Who Wants to Be a Pig?

Who Will Be the Lucky One?


Who's Driving

Whoops After the Guy Had a Circumcision Operation…

Whoops from the Police Officer Who Caught…

Who’s your Daddy - from Manchester Women

Why Are We Here?

Why are'nt I a real skinny cow?

Why Australia is Still on My Most Wanted As…

Why British Newspapers Are More Fun to Read

Why Can't Computers Be Honest?

Why Can't I Own a Canadian?

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road

Why Did the Computer Chicken Cross the Road?

Why didn't giraffes evolve like this?

Why Do Men Die First?

Why Girls are Good at Hockey

Why Girls Cannot Win

Why God Sends Rain to Mexico but Not the Middle…


Why good nen are hard to find

Why Good Women Are Hard to Find

Why I Am Depressed

Why I Failed My 5th Grade English Examination

Why I Love to Wave at Strangers

Why I Will Never Have a Girlfriend

Why is it that Men are all the same

Why Jesus Was an Aussie

Why Kids Are Expensive

Why Life Isn't Fair to Men.

Why Little Johnny Never Takes his Baby Sister…

Why Meditation is Better

Why Men Are Just Happier People

Why Men Don't Talk to Each Other in Public…

Why Men Don't Write Advice Columns

Why Sharks Circle You Before Attacking

Why Spelling makes a big Difference


Why the Iphone is Tougher Than Chuck Norris

Why There Are No Snakes in Ireland

Why Wax is Not your Friend

Why We All Love Walter the Chemist

Why We Forward Jokes

Why We Love the Brits


Widdle Wabbits

Wife .v. Mistress

Wife Caught in the Act by Hubbie and Cabbie

Wife Found Alive in Coffin

Wife Passed the Driving Test

Wife vs Girlfriend

Wife's Work on the Sly

Will his Wife Like her Xmas Gift?

Will We Ever Need this

William Penn's Two Aunts


Win Argument by Agreeing

Windows Close

Wine for Seniors

Winner of Joke of the Year

Wisdom from a Great Thinker - Willie Nelson

Wisdom from a Man on the Moon

Wisdom from Calvin and Hobbes

Wisdom from Children

Wisdom from Training Manuals

Wishful Thinking

Wishing Kevin Lives Forever

Wives sending SMS Messages to their husbands

Woman Goes to the Doctor

Woman Ready in five Minutes

Womanly Truisms

Women - Discretion Vs Logic

Women Have All the Luck


Women vs Men Choosing Shampoo

Women's Flawless Logic

Women' Arses

Women's Advice to Men

Women's Lib.

Wonder Cream

Wonderful Flu

Wooden Leg

Wooden Leg Insurance

Words of Wisdom from a Father to his Son

Words of Wisdom or Basic Truth

Words of Wit and Wisdom

Work is a Virus

World will end - pessimist vs optimist

World's Easiest Quiz

Worrying Works

Would you be a Concerned Parent


Would You Be Like this Responsible Citizen?

Would You Do the Same As Pekka After the Finish…

Would you go back to bed

Would You Have Given her 'the Finger'

Would You Have Passed this Student?

Would you like a drink?

Would You Pass this West Texas Sherriff Test?

Would You?

Writing Rules Clarified:


Ya Can't Fix Stupid


Yellow 24

Yes I Have Paid My Tax

Yes we are the Champions

Yo Mama is So Fat...

Yoga Style and the Two Old Ladies Discussing…

Yogi Bear at the City Dump

Yorkshire Humour

Yorkshire Jokes Update 001

You Are Addicted to your Computer when

You Are No Longer 'cool' When...

You asked

You Can’t Win with Women.

You Can’t Fool Me

You Can't Take It with You

You Cannot Take It with You

You Finish?

You Got to Love this Police Officer!


You Have 3 Unread Messages

You Have Just Got to Love this Nurse

You Have to Love Some Drunks

You Just Can't Win

You Know You're from Canada when .............

You Know You're Living in 2005 When...

You Learn Something New Everyday

You See That?

You Stupid Bastard Jesse - You Cheated on…

You Try your Best But....

You Want Me to Do What...

You Were Really Lucky when I Knocked You Over...

You Will Hate Me for This...

You will only do this once

Young Lady Enrolls for a Woodwork Class

Young O'donnell Rushed into a Church...

Young V Old Drivers - No Contest


Your Annual Dementia Test

Your Day Is Coming

Your Most Memorable Security Question

Your Read My Doormat that is Enough Social…


Zen and the Wisdom from Maharish

Zen Cat

Zen Computer Error Messages

Zombies Eat Brains

Build your own satellite and have it launched into Space.

AmbaSat-1 is a tiny Space satellite kit that you launch yourself

The idea is to die young as late as possible

Don't worry about old age, it doesn't last that long.

Every now and then I throw in one of those typos to see who's paying attention :-)

Give me the grace to see a joke, to get some humor out of life and smiling it on to other folk.

Have a great Day and Laugh, "Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many".

We try to bust a gut with our funny, Yo Mama, Redneck, lawyer, animal, relationship and crap jokes.

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