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Inspired by: Martin Psinas blog

Introduction Source files
Have you ever wondered what files have been newly created, last modified or even deleted?

Look no further - this is the App' for that :)

Analyze Path Differences Class

A simple Class that interrogates all files in a site path.
File contents are hashed and a "snapshot" saved to a dynamically created database table.
Unfortunately folder names must be "fixed" to in order to conform :)
Any time afterwards the "snapshot" can be compared against the current files.
All discrepancies are shown which facilitates finding problematic files.
A new "snapshot" can be created once all discrepances have been resolved.

Results of Interrogation:

  1. Amended files
  2. Deleted files
  3. New files


  1. Download and extract any of the following zip files into a new LOCALHOST "folder-name": source.tar.xz source.7z
  2. Use PhpMyAdmin to create a "DB_HOST" Database named "DB_NAME"
    Set Database permissions for:
    • "DB_USER"
    • "DB_PWD"
  3. Edit:   _config.php
    • Set Database values for: DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PWD, DB_NAME
    • More paths may be added to the "folder-name" path and its parent
    • Browse to "folder-name"/index.php
    • Test thoroughly and once satisfied upload to your online site.
Online Demo


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